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Discover the beauty of wood...Naturally beautiful!

Why Birch?

Be knit picky! Birch needles are best.

Birch wood has a fine grain and beautiful finished color, allowing our needles to be some of the smoothest tools to work with in the industry with an eye appealing feel. Birch is the ideal wood for needle work tools.


Unlike other handwork tools made with various other materials, our beautiful Birchwood products are never cold to the touch. Birch is warm to the eye and to the touch, light weight, and well-balanced. Our needles are more restful to the hand than needles made of metal, plastic, or less flexible woods.


There is no "clicking" noises from our needles, just a gentle tapping of smooth wood.


If you have ever withnessed birch trees bent to the ground under ice and snow springing upright beneath a melting sun, you know how flexible and STRONG our handmade birch wood products are.

Made in the USA

Uniquely beautiful, each of our needles and crochet hooks is handmade in America (USA), making each item a unique piece of workmanship. All Twin Birch Products are made with the same quality craftmanship you apply to your hand work. We hope using these fine, handcrafted tools of natural hardwood will add pleasure to your needlework.

Twin Birch offers a complete line, which includes regular needles, hooks, afghan (Tunisian) hooks, double pointed needles, double ended crochet hooks, cable stitch holders, and more! Our needles and hooks are also more accurate than bamboo needles cut to millimeter diameters because each Birchwood needle or hook is cut to English measure.

If you need additional information or descriptions, please call or e-mail us.

Knitting and Crochet Needle Size Chart
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Knitting and Crochet Needle Size Chart

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"Your needles and hooks are just beautiful and I'm excited to show them off! Come up and see us if you get a chance."

~ Janet W., A Likely Yarn, VA

"I haven't used all of my new hooks from you yet, but I'm really happy with them just judging by what I have used so far. I will be ordering more as soon as I can figure our which would be most helpful in the next batch."

~ Jean L., IL

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts to get the Tunisian crochet hooks to me. They arrived today! Thanks very much."

~ Jamesen G., MD

"Thanks. I have a set of the hooks and I love them. I broke my D hook and I am glad I can replace it."

~Elvedine W., PA

"These are wonderful! I will definitely buy from you again."

~Deborah H., VA

"I am so grateful that you are willing to try and make these tools."

~Arnie, Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet

"I just received the needles. Thanks for all your efforts...the 6 year old girls will thank you, too."

~Cynthia L., NY

"Thank you for the great service!"

~Sally R., Canada

"Received my #10 14" needles today, and as usual, they're beautiful! Not to worry - I've been on this earth for 72 years, and it takes a lot more than a pair of knitting needles to get me've been great, and I'll be back for more of your product." (1st pair got messed up)

~ Lillian D., MN

"I received your 20 size P Crochet hooks on Saturday, and they are beautiful! You even pointed the ends a bit more for me, perfectly! Thank you so much, you did an awesome job on these! I appreciate all your hard work on making them. My rug class students will really love them too. Thank you so much!"

~Claudia G., WA



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